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The Dual Switching Extruder build manual for a non-Proforge printer will assume that you already have an understanding of open-source reprap 3d printing and are comfortable editing the Marlin firmware for your own specific set-up.

  1. When unboxing you should have: Fasteners
    • When unboxing you should have:

    • Fasteners

    • Cables

    • Electronics

    • Hotend x2

    • Metal Parts

    • NEMA 17 Motor

  2. Spacers and Bearings
    • Spacers and Bearings

    • Fastener Bag A

    • Fastener Bag B

    • Cable Ties

    • Braided Cable Sleeving

    • PTFE Tape

  3. Blower Fan x2
    • Blower Fan x2

    • Extruder Kit

    • Stepper Driver

    • Servo Motor

    • Servo Arm

  4. Motor Cable
    • Motor Cable

    • Servo Cable

    • Fan Adapter Cable

    • Levelling Probe

  5. DSE Backplate
    • DSE Backplate

    • DSE Hotend Mount

    • 2nd Fan Mount

    • Ooze Shield

    • Spool Holder

    • Allen Keys

    • Scissors

    • Needle Nose pliers

    • Slip Joint Pliers

    • A lighter (optional)

    • Electronics board capable of running two extruder motors.

    • At least one bowden extruder feeder.

    • A metal print platform for using the included probe.

    • 12V or 24V power supply.

    • Latest version of the Marlin firmware with "SWITCHING_NOZZLE" feature.

    • Other firmwares may also be compatible, but are untested.

    • A slicer with dual extrusion support. We recommend Cura.

    • A slicer capable of X/Y dual hotend offset.

    • If you get stuck at any point or need help with assembly or printing something, feel free to post in the official forum.

    • If you're missing a part or have received a faulty/broken one, please use this form here to order a replacement.

    • Want to get in touch? Drop us an email at

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