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[title] Stepper Drivers - Proforge 2S
[* green] Prepare the two TMC2100 stepper drivers by removing them from their packaging and sticking on the Heatsinks as shown in the first image.
[* icon_note] Make sure the heatsink is not touching any of the pins.
[* icon_note] Orient the fins of the heatsink as shown.
+[* orange] Adjust the trimpot so that flat side is pointing towards the bottom right corner as shown in the second photo.
[* light_blue] Fix the two TMC2100 Stepper Drivers to the X & Y Positions.
[* icon_reminder] When installing, match the orientation of the drivers as shown in the second image.
[* icon_caution] Installing a stepper driver the wrong way round will destroy it.
[* icon_note] If you're building the Proforge 2 use the red A4988 drivers here.

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