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+[title] Invert Extruder Motor Direction
+[* black] If an extruder from the previous step moves in the wrong direction power off your printer and disconnect the touchscreen.
+[* black] In the aruino IDE go to the "configuration.h" tab.
+[* black] Scroll down to line 863. (Go to File -> Preferences and check "Display line numbers")
+ [* black] #define INVERT_E0_DIR ++false++
+ [* black] Replace ''false ''with ''true ''to change the motors direction. E0 is Hotend #1 and E1 is Hotend #2.
+[* black] Re-upload the firmware.
+[* black] Once uploaded, connect back the touch screen and power up the printer from the mains again.
+[* black] Continue from previous step.