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Step Lines

+[title] Z-Offset start Gcode lines:
+[* icon_note] If you are using a different slicer you can simply copy this section of gcode into your start gcode box:
+ [* black] G28 ;Home
+ [* black] G29 ;Autolevel Bed
+ [* black] G1 F8000 X10 Y3 ;Move hotend to bottom left corner
+ [* black] G1 Z3 ;Move Hotend to assumed Z Home
+ [* black] G92 Z0.0 ;Set Z-offset in 0.1mm incriments (increase if first layer too high, decrease if too low)
+ [* black] M82 ;Absolute extrusion mode
+ [* black] G92 E0 ;Zero Extruder