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Step Lines

[title] Homing X and Y
-[* icon_note] In the following order:
- [* green] Home X
- [* orange] Home Y
- [* violet] Lower the Z axis.
+[* icon_note] Click in the following order, allow each command to complete before moving to the next:
+ [* green] Home X - The platform will move all the way to the left until the end-stop on the base is triggered.
+ [* orange] Home Y - The hotend will move towards the z-pillar until the eccentric guide triggers the end-stop on the gantry.
+ [* violet] Lower the Z axis - Lower the gantry incrementally to check the that the nozzle is aligned with the top right corner of the print surface, this is your (300,200) co-ordinate.
[* blue] The hotend nozzle should be above the top right corner of the print surface.