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Step Lines

+[title] Stepper Drivers
+[* icon_caution] ***See next step for Proforge 2S.***
+[* green] Prepare four of the A4988 Stepper Drivers by removing them from their packaging and sticking the heatsink to the black chip.
+ [* icon_note] Make sure the heatsink is not touching any of the pins.
+ [* icon_note] Orientate the fins of the heatsink as shown.
+ [* icon_note] The kit includes a fifth A4988 Stepper driver as a spare.
+[* blue] Fix the four Stepper Drivers onto the the control board as shown in the X, Y, Z and E0 positions.
+ [* icon_caution] Make sure that the screw trimpot is pointing towards the touch screen.

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