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[summary]Welcome to the official repository for all build manuals, official upgrades and any modifications relating to the Proforge 2/2S 3D Printer.[/summary]
-== Safety Notice ==
-* Always operate the Proforge 2/2S 3D printer in a well ventilated, open and dry environment.
-* Ensure that the surface which you place the Proforge 3D printer is stable and level when the printer is on and/or in operation.
-* Be aware of moving parts when the Proforge 2/2S is in operation, there is a pinching hazard.
-* Caution with the hot-end, it can reach temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius. Touching the hot-end whilst hot can result in severe burns. Even after operation the hot-end can still be hot, allow for it to cool before touching.
-* Caution with the heated bed, it can reach temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius. Touching the heated bed whilst hot can result in severe burns. Even after operation the heated bed can still be hot, allow for it to cool before touching.
-* Keep children away or under supervision from the Proforge 2/2S 3D printer whilst it is in operation to prevent injury.
-* After operation allow the Proforge 2/2S 3D printer to cool down before leaving it unattended.
-* Always disconnect the power supply from the mains voltage when leaving the Proforge 2/2S 3D printer unattended.
-* Never disconnect any wiring from the electronics board while the Proforge 2/2S is powered on, doing so may result in the damage of electrical components.
-* Be careful with long hair or loose clothing when operating the Proforge 2/2S.
-* The Proforge 2/2S is designed for use with PLA and ABS (preferably with an enclosure), and other tested materials that we sell on our store and have made profiles for in the Cura - Makertech Edition software. Use of any other material is at your own risk.
-* Immediately shut down the Proforge 2/2S if any error occurs during operation to prevent any damage to the machine or surroundings and consult the troubleshooting material.
-== Disclaimer ==
-* This product is a do-it-yourself kit to be assembled by the user at their own risk. Makertech 3D Ltd disclaims all responsibility, risk or liability of any damage or injury to yourself or any person or property from its use.
-* Neither Makertech 3D Ltd nor its suppliers shall be liable to you or to any third party for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages (including in each case, but not limited to, damages for the inability to use or access the products, loss of data, loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption or the like) arising out of the use of or inability to use the products, even if Makertech 3D Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
-* Makertech 3D Ltd is not responsible for any products (3d printed parts) produced with the proforge. In no event shall Makertech 3D Ltd be liable for any damage or injury occurred by using products produced on the proforge.
-* Notwithstanding any damages that you might incur for any reason whatsoever (including, without limitation, all damages referenced herein and all direct or general damages in contract or anything else), the entire liability of Makertech 3D Ltd and any of its suppliers arising from or related to the use of the products shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for the products concerned.
-* The customer is fully aware of the terms of use mentioned in the assembly manuals provided with the product and agrees with these terms of use when accepting the product.
-* The customer has read the safety instructions provided in the manuals to build the DIY-products of Makertech 3D Ltd. The customer also agrees in following these safety instructions.

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