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Skip this step if you do not have the TMC2208 driver upgrade.

The stepper drivers are the most delicate part of the Axis 3d printer and it is why we've also included a spare. Before opening, make sure that you are grounded (touch a large metal object) to avoid any chance of static damage.

The TMC2208 upgrade comes with either 3 or 6 drivers. If you have three you can use two on the x/y axes and keep one as spare, if you have 6 you can use them on the X/Y/Z/E0 (and E1 for dual extrusion) and have one spare.

Prepare the TMC2208 stepper drivers by removing them from their packaging and sticking the heat-sink to the top.

Make sure that the heat-sink is not touching any of the pins. Orient the fins of the heat-sink as shown.

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